Landscape Services

Landscape Services

Tree Management

Clemson University is committed to providing a safe, attractive, educational and sustainable campus urban forest through preservation of existing trees and new tree plantings. A tree may be considered for removal for any of the following reasons: it is determined to be dead or diseased beyond preservation; its location, condition, or deterioration constitutes a safety hazard; its location affects the preservation and maintenance of adjacent buildings; the tree is damaged from the elements or disease to the extent that its appearance is unduly affected; its location is determined to be an obstruction or hazard to utility lines; its location interferes with the construction of facilities and associated site development; or for other appropriate reasons. The determination of trees meeting the above conditions is the responsibility of the Director of Landscape Services in consultation with the University Arborist and independent arbor consultants.


Locations for upcoming tree plantings are being determined.


Trees recently approved for removal are listed below.

Trees adjacent to construction areas will be protected as prescribed within.

Kappa Drive Removal

Tree 70404 is a 32-inch White Oak whose root ball is lifting, causing the tree to lean to a significant degree. With its roots failing, this represents an unacceptable risk of falling toward Kappa Drive. Removal is expected as soon as possible.

An adjacent Chinaberry tree will also be removed. Chinaberry is an introduced, invasive species that is considered a plant pest in most states where it grows.

Electrical Distribution System Upgrades and Replacement Project

In preparation of the Duke Energy Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) facility, several trees will need to be removed from the R-1 parking area to facilitate site grading and utility construction for this facility. Construction and tree removals are expected to begin mid-May 2018. Tree removal and construction will be performed by Duke Energy Contractor, Crowder Industrial Construction.

Electrical Distribution System Upgrades and Replacements

In preparation of the first phase of the campus Electrical Distribution System Upgrades and Replacement Project, several trees will need to be removed that are in the path of the work that will be taking place along Walter T. Cox Boulevard near Sikes Hall and the sidewalk which runs from Sikes Hall to Long Hall. In addition, a grove of pine trees adjacent to the western side of the West Energy Facility will need to be removed in order to facilitate the construction of the new West Campus Switching Station (WCSS). All of these trees will be removed by Bartlett Tree Experts in December 2017.

Other Removals

Landscaping Services performs a yearly risk management inspection of all inventoried campus trees. Upon the completion of this year’s inspection, our Consulting Arborist recommended the following trees for removal. These trees pose a significant risk of failure and have the potential to cause personal injury or property damage.